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Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense

Rebisz Law Firm defends indivduals charged with crimes (felony, misdamenor and violations) in County, District and Town Courts, in New York City, Rockland County, Nassau County, Suffoulk County, Westchester County and Orange County.

A Strong Advocate

A criminal Conviction can have severe consequences on your freedom, employment and immigration status. A strong advocate is necessary to provide you with the best defense and have the best possible outcome. We seek to make you fully aware of the steps taken in your defense.

Stay Informed

In New York, the Penal Law contains the criminal statutes with the corresponding elements that the State must prove in order to the Court or Jury to find guilt. Please find some examples below.

  • Assault in the Third Degree PL sec. 120.00

    A person is guily of assault in the third degree when:

    1. With the intent to cause physical injury to another person, he causes such injury to such person or to a third person; or

    2. He recklessly causes physical injury to another person; or

    3. With criminal negligence, he causes physical injury to another person by means of a deadly weapon or a dangerous instrument.

    Assault in the third degree is a class A misdameanor.

  • Forgery in the First Degree PL sec. 170.15

    A person is guilty of forgery in the first degree when, with the intent to defraud, deceive or injury another, he falsely makes, completes or alters a written instrument which is or purports to be, or which is calculated to become or to represent if completed:

    1. part of an issue of money, stamps, securities or other valuable instruments issued by a government or governmental instrumentality; or

    2. part of an issue of stock, bond or other instruments representing interests in or claims against corporate or toerh organization or its property.

    Forgery in the first degree is a class C felony.
  • Petit Larceny PL sec. 155.25

    A person is guily of petit larceny when steals property.

    Petitl Larceny is a class A misdemeanor

  • Disrorderly Conduct PL sec. 240.20

    A person is guily of disorderly conduct when, with intent to cause public inconvenience, annoyance or alarm, or recklessly creating the a risk thereof:

    1. He engages in fighting or in violent tumultuous or threatening behavior; or

    2. he makes unreasonable noise ; or

    3. In a public place, he uses abusive language, or makes an obscene gesture; or

    Without lawful authority, he disturbs any lawful assembly or meeting of persons; or

    5. he obstructs vehicular or pedestrian traffic; or

    6. He congregates with other persons in a public place and refuses to comply with a lawful order of the police to dispers; or

    7. He creates a hazardous or physically offensive condition by any act which serves no legitimate purpose.

    Disorderly conduct is a violation.

    Rebisz Law Firm is prepared to represent you in such matters as:

    • Assault (PL sec. 120.01, 120.03, 120.05, 120.10)
    • Menacing (PL sec. 120.14, 120.15)
    • Burglary (PL sec. 140.20, 140.25, 140.30)
    • Larceny (PL sec. 155.25, 155.30. 155.40, 155.42)
    • Harrassment (PL sec. 240.25, 240.26, 240.30, 240.31)
    • Possession of Marijuana (PL sec. 221.10, 221.15, 221.20, 221.25)
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